17 Ways to connect with local twitterers

Twitter is great for connecting with your friends but if you wanted to find people more local to you? Maybe you are a business wanting to connect with potential customers or you’d just enjoy twittering with people in your vicinity, Luckily there are a number of apps available that address this situation. In this post I will be taking a look at some of the options available.

Web Applications

1. Geofollow – Geofollow is a twitter directory you can add yourself to based on location and find other people nearby. Allows you to search by location, tag or drill down on a Google map.

2. Local Tweeps – Local tweeps allows you to :  Get found by tweeps near you, Find tweeps near you based on location or keyword & Post and browse local events and specials.

3. Street mavens – “StreetMavens is your interactive guide to what’s happening around town. Watch for trends, find new customers see what’s going on at your favorite resturants or clubs… all in real-time.”

4. Chirp City – “ChirpCity: Local Twitter search, latest tweets from and about your city… and a top user list for the cities above.”

5. Twitter Score – Shows the top twitter users by location

6. Its on in – Search for events happening on your city. If you’re runing an event or know of one happenining you can add it to the site and use hashtags to help people find it. Nice use of a short url for twitter.

7. Happn.in – Shows what people are twittering about in your city.

8. Twibez – “Twibez can be useful for everyone who is interested to see where in the world twitter users are discussing top trends in real-time. You may find out people in New York are twittering about certain top issues much more than people in California. Or you just want to know where in the world, people are discussing a certain topic right now.”

9. Twellowhood – Part of Twellow, the Twitter yellow pages, Twellowhood shows a world map that you can click through to your location and find users in that area.

9. Twellowhood – Part of Twellow, the Twitter yellow pages, Twellowhood shows a world map that you can click through to your location and find users in that area.

11. Nearby Tweets – “Nearby Tweets project was developed by Brian Cray to extend Twitter’s capabilities into its true potential: a geography–centric social tool for networking and a business tool for building customer relationships and monitoring real-time buzz.”

12. Twitterholic – Another site for ranking twitter users followers, updates – allows you to view users by location also.

iPhone Applications

13. Tweetie – My personal favorite iPhone app for Twitter, uses the iPhone GPS and locates users nearby your position.

14. Twinkle – “Discover, connect, and send messages to people nearby. Upload photos and update your Twitter account. Contact old friends and make new ones, all with Twinkle, the location-aware network for the iPhone and iPod Touch.”

15. TwitterFon – Available as a free and paid version, this client allows you to search for users based on proximity to your iPhone.

16. Twitterlator – The most full featured iPhone Twitter app I know of, this includes lots of location based features such as adding a map of your current location to tweets, getting a map of a users location, search for users nearby etc.

Other Applications

17. Twitter Local – A desktop Adobe AIR application that lets you filter tweets by location.

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