If you want to skyrocket  your website speed using a superb CDN provider. So, BunnyCDN is undoubtedly a perfect fit for you!

In this article, we are going to do a complete review of BunnyCDN. In addition, I’ve some latest BunnyCDN Promo codes for you.

Bunnycdn overview

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BunnyCDN Promo Code

Let’s start with your favorite thing, BunnyCDN Promo codes

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Click on “Activate” to grab free credits for BunnyCDN.

How to redeem BunnyCDN Promo Codes?

how to redeem bunnycdn promo code

Here are some very simple steps to redeem your free credits:

  • Create a new BunnyCDN Account.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Now, Open your dashboard and click on Billing Option.
  • Here, Add your Debit/Credit Card (Optional)
  • Click on “Enter Promo code” and Enter all the promo codes that are given above
  • Awesome! Now, You can try BunnyCDN and Explore all its feature for free.

It also offers 14 Days Free Trial with 1000 GB of usage, That’s a huge number!

BunnyCDN Promo Code

Now, let us know more about BunnyCDN and It’s jaw-dropping features. I will surely recommend you to read this article till the end to understand How you can easily setup BunnyCDN to speed up your website.

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What is BunnyCDN?

Bunnycdn home page

BunnyCDN is one of the most popular and fastest content delivery network providers since 2015. Many popular blogs use BunnyCDN to make their website speed lighting fast for sweet user-experience.

Do you know? 35% Of Visitors Bounce When Your Site Takes 4 Seconds to Load.

It is the main reason why everyone prefers fast hosting with CDN. Apart from that, BunnyCDN also offers many unique features like Multiple servers, Website security, Free SSL, and much more.

I’m using BunnyCDN from the last six months, and Belive me! It is one of the best fastest and cost-effective content delivery network.

All right, Let’s understand BunnyCDN features one-by-one in detail.

BunnyCDN Features

1. Fast Servers Network

With 42 Global centers in 6 continents, BunnyCDN is one of the fastest and powerful CDN.

BunnyCDN uses NVMe+ SSD servers globally to maximize performance, minimize latency, and make sure your site is loading fast.

In addition, You can enable and disable any region on BunnyCDN. Their Intelligent content routing system delivers your content from the nearest server to the user with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

2. Secure & Reliable

Not only fast speed, but BunnyCDN also helps you to secure your website from bots and hackers.

You can use their easy to use Control panel to quickly enable the security features like blocking malicious IP addresses, setting hotlink protection, token authentication, and much more!

You’ll also get a one-click Free SSL Certificate �?. Pretty Awesome, Right?

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3. Real-time static

You’ll get real-time statics and reports of Bandwidth cache, Storage usage, Traffic and Geo-Location of visitors, Cache-hit rate, Error statics, and a few other useful statics.

4. CDN Cloud Storage

BunnyCDN cloud storage automatically replicates your content, images, and other files around the world to maximize performance for the lowest possible latency.

Here’s a quick comparison table of BunnyCDN storage against traditional cloud storage providers:

It is tested from 14 different BunnyCDN locations in Europe, North America, Australia, South America, and South Africa.

Interesting, huh.

5. Video Delivery

The not only website, but BunnyCDN also offers a smooth and blazing-fast video CDN solution.

It allows you to quickly secure your video streams using hotlinking protection and token authentication. Besides, Your user can enjoy your video content without any buffering issues.

With their in-built media optimized caching system, Your origin server will need to handle only minimal-load and few requests at a time, which will definitely boost performance and users experience.


BunnyCDN Pricing

BunnyCDN is one of the most cost-effective CDN I have ever seen. It offers region-based pricing,: here’s the pricing structure:

  • North America & Europe – $0.01/GB
  • Asia & Oceania – $0.03/GB
  • South America – $0.045/GB
  • Africa – $0.06/GB

You can choose your targeted region from where you’re getting more traffic. In my case, I selected NA, SA, and Asia. It will help you to save some extra bucks  .

BunnyCDN allows you to add an unlimited number of websites for as little as $1 per month only. It never charges extra for the number of requests, but only for the traffic served.

That’s the right thing I like about BunnyCDN.

You can add credits in your BunnyCDN account using multiple payment methods such as Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin (₿). In addition, It allows you to enable the auto-recharge feature to enjoy all its features without interruption.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of BunnyCDN Pricing and Performance against other content delivery networks:

How to setup BunnyCDN with WordPress?

It is quite simple to add BunnyCDN with a WordPress website. Here’s a complete step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Log in to your BunnyCDN account.

Step 2: Open your Dashboard and Click on “Pull Zones” Option

Step 3: Now, Click on the Add Pull Zone option.

Step 4: On the next page, You need to enter the name and website URL that you wish to accelerate with BunnyCDN.

Step 5: Scroll down to select region-based pricing, Just like:

Step 6: Now, Click on Add Pull Zone.

Step 7: Hurray! Your Pull Zone has been successfully created.

Step 8: Now, Open your website dashboard [WordPress Website]

Step 9: Download and Activate BunnyCDN Plugin from the WordPress directory.

Step 10: Here, Enter your pull zone name and Click on Enable BunnyCDN.

Step 11: Awesome! BunnyCDN is now successfully enabled. Now, You can check the real-time stats and bandwidth usage on the BunnyCDN dashboard.

Very Simple, Right?


Final Verdict

BunnyCDN is one of the most cost-effective and affordable content delivery networks. I personally use BunnyCDN to maximize the performance of my website.

You can use the BunnyCDN Promo codes to try all its amazing features. However, I will recommend you to enable auto-recharge to ensure that your account never runs out of credit.

If you have any questions or new promo codes that you want to share with us , do comment below.

Which is your favorite content delivery network?