Have you decided to create a blog but still don’t dare to make it professional? 

Knowing how to create a free blog can be the solution.

Let me guess.

You know you want to write a blog, you have even chosen your perfect niche (like making a fashion blog, for example), but you don’t dare to take the step of doing a professional blog because you don’t want to make money online or because you just want to do it as a personal hobby.

Then you will ask yourself: where can I make my blog? Can I use a platform where I don’t have to pay anything?

In this case, having a free and simple blog will be what you need but, of course, you should be clear that it has certain limitations compared to a blog with its own domain name and hosting.

Don’t worry, you have reached the article you need.

In this post, I am going to show you the tutorial on how to create a free blog from scratch, the best platforms to do it, and what are its limitations.

How to create a free blog or make a free website

how to create a free blog

Luckily and unfortunately the internet has countless tools to create your free blog  and make a website at no cost.

The good thing about all these tools is their simplicity and speed to set up your own blog without spending a penny and easily. 

The bad you will see if you keep reading because there are many things.

Here is an extensive list of how to create a free blog step by step on any of these sites:

  1. Create an account with your email.
  2. Fill in the data and name your blog.
  3. And that’s it!

As you read it. It was very complicated, right? 🙂

With two simple steps, you can create your free blog. I know you were expecting a few steps to create a blog without errors, but it is that simple. 

In 5 minutes you will have your blog created and operational.

Obviously, after starting it you will have to include content and personalize your blog according to the templates available on each platform. But this will already depend on each user and their tastes.

As I told you before, blogging on free platforms has many limitations that will prevent you from having full control over your site and making it more professional.

Many bloggers, among which I include myself, started with a free platform like WordPress.com or Blogger but in the end, we ended up with the creation of a blog and a website purchasing a hosting and our own domain name.

However, creating a blog without spending money also has its good side if you have no intention of making money with your blog.

If you have not yet dared to make the jump to a paid one or if you only use it to have a website where you can write about what you are passionate about, writing a free blog can be a good option.

Advantages of creating a free blog

  • The most obvious and most important: it is free. You don’t need to put a single penny to write your articles. You do not need to buy a domain and a hosting.
  • You have many platforms to create it.
  • You don’t need advanced technical knowledge to set up your blog. You can put your sections by clicking and dragging or configure it as if it were a puzzle.
  • Thanks to the predefined templates, you don’t need to know just HTML or CSS to style your blog.
  • It is very easy to manage. They even usually have some kind of visit statistics.
  • Does not require any kind of installation.
  • They have premium plans (paid but affordable) that, although it is not the same as having a professional blog, many limitations disappear, such as putting the domain you choose.
  • You will have a website where you can write and share what you like the most.

Disadvantages of creating a free blog

  • You are not the owner of your blog. The platform where you create it will be the sole owner of your blog so you will have to adapt to its rules. If for whatever reason these platforms decide to close your blog, they will be able to do so. The good thing is that you can always migrate the content of your blog to your site if you decide to set up a website and a professional blog.
  • Space limitations. You will have quite demanding limitations in terms of the capacity of images and files that your blog can store and the supported bandwidth.
  • Limited functionality . You will not be able to count on WordPress.org plugins that add endless extra functions to your blog.
  • You will have an ugly and unprofessional domain. You will not have your own domain.
  • Little customization. You will have to adapt to the templates and themes offered by each platform, so you will know that many users will be using the same as you and have a poor and simple design. The options to apply HTML and CSS are very few and normally you will need help to implement it. It cannot be compared to the design of professional blogs and web pages.
  • Quite an inefficient ranking. I consider this one of the biggest disadvantages. It costs a lot to find a blog on these platforms that is in the first results of Google . You can learn more about SEO here .
  • Setting up a blog without cost and generating income with it will be much more difficult than with a professional blog. The options to monetize your website are few or nonexistent.
  • Advertising. Most of these platforms advertise on your blog without you receiving a penny for them. Others, however, do allow advertising but due to its poor ranking, you will hardly earn anything from it. In addition, it should be added that it is more difficult to find direct advertisers for our blog, apparently less professional.
  • Difficulty migrating your blog. If after a while you decide to move on to setting up your own blog with your own hosting and domain, you will have serious difficulties to migrate all your content, although it is possible.
  • Having visibility takes more work. I am not saying that you are going to have poor visibility, but it is true that due to the difficulty of ranking, you will have to work harder to have visibility. The presence in the most important social networks is mandatory.
  • If you have a problem, you will have to solve everything yourself. Even if you have a community, in case you have any problem or doubt with your blog you will not have more help than what they tell you through a forum and the technical service is non-existent except in some premium plans.

Platforms for free blogging

There are many people who still wonder « Where can I create my blog for free? «

Choosing the best platform to start your own website or blog without paying anything will depend on many factors and personal tastes, so I’m going to put you on the platforms to create the most popular free blogs and their pros and cons.

I remind you that to the advantages of each platform we must add the general ones (both advantages and disadvantages) that I already told you above.

The 5 best platforms to create a free blog


create a blog on wix

Wix is a platform that you may not know. Thanks to this free website and its ease of use, you can create your custom blog  (better said, almost custom-made) since it allows you to personalize your website much more than the other free platforms.

Just by using the mouse, dragging and dropping, and making a few clicks; You can modify the predefined templates to adapt both the sizes, the colors and the texts.

It has a large number of templates by categories that will be very useful for you and will answer any questions about how to create a website on free platforms,a blog or an online store quickly and easily.

Advantages of using Wix to start your blog:

  • Level of customization well above the other platforms.
  • You can connect it with Google Analytics.


  • Very high loading times.
  • Impossible or very difficult to position in the search engines.
  • Server crashes.
  • It will be very, very difficult for you to migrate your entire website to a WordPress when you need it.

Create a blog on Blogger


With Blogger you will have a large community of bloggers (it is the most used option) with their websites and blogs hosted on this platform that can help you.

Currently, the blogger is the place where more people decide to create a blog without paying anything. 

In fact, it is the most chosen platform after searching Google with questions such as “how to create a personal blog” (it is a highly chosen topic). 

Of course, if you have come to this post looking for how to create a fashion blog, be clear that you are going to have many competitors and especially in Blogger since I would dare to say that it is the most chosen niche.

It is the best-known platform to design your free blog for its community and for being from Google. 

Therefore, if you want to know how to create a blog on Google with a blogger,  you will only have to follow the steps given above but using your Gmail email.

When creating a blogger account with your gmail, you can skip some steps where you should add some extra data.

It has a large number of templates that are quite configurable to be a free service.


  • Creating a blog with blogger allows you to enjoy a great community.
  • You can link it to Google Analytics.
  • It offers the possibility of putting Google Adsense advertising.


  • Difficulty migrating content to your own hosting.
  • Issues in the ranking. The vast majority of your visits will not come from Google, but you will have to promote your blog on social networks mainly on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


wordpress.com dashboard

WordPress.com  is the free version of the websites created with the more well-known WordPress CMS.

Although its community is not the most numerous, it is the one that is growing the most and the one that will best allow you to create a blog and a free and easy website that is more adaptable to migrate it to paid hosting when you decide.

Whenever they ask me the famous question « Where to create a blog? »This platform comes to mind. 

It is not only because I have a special affection for having had a completely free blog on this platform a few years ago. 

It is also because its interface is very intuitive and you will adapt better to the platform that you will use when you create a professional project at WordPress.org.

If you are interested in a free WordPress blog you should know that it also has many quite customizable free templates. Create your blog with WordPress if the following advantages convince you:

Advantages of creating a blog on WordPress.com:

  • By belonging to the same WordPress, its administration and configuration is practically the same as the thousands of paid web pages made with WordPress.
  • Constantly growing community.
  • Fewer problems when migrating content to your hosting.
  • SEO optimization above other platforms to create free blogs.
  • In its premium version, you can customize your site much more with CSS and HTML.
  • It has a very active help forum that will solve any doubt or problem.


  • You will not be able to place any type of advertising.
  • You will not be able to use any type of affiliate program to earn income.
  • The ranking is not as good as with WordPress.org (for non-free websites).



Site123 is one of the platforms to create free blogs that I like the most. 

Not only for the advantages that you will see below but because if you are thinking about how to create a free website, this option should be your choice even above the other best-known free platforms.

Be careful, this option would be used more for web pages than for blogs. It is even a good option if you do not want to have a website or blog but you know for sure that you will not pass it on to an external professional project in the future.

Although it is not based on predefined templates, you can make a website with a nice responsive design (adapted to all devices) and more or less optimized for SEO.

And all through a fairly simple and intuitive interface.

Although you may not know site123, many people consider it the best tool to create a free blogging website for its simplicity, for its fast construction, and for not being so bad in the ranking.

Advantages of creating a website or blog with Site123:

  • You will be able to mount a blog and have your website free of charge easily and with a responsive design thanks to its interface.
  • It has support 24 hours every day.
  • It is better optimized for SEO than most free platforms, but it will still be “limited”. Of course, this section will depend on the choice of the appropriate keywords.

As for the drawbacks, there is not much more to say that has not already been said on the other free platforms where to create a blog.

Although it may be the easiest way to create a free website, you should not forget the drawbacks of all free websites intended for this purpose.

It also has a Premium plan with plenty of space for small and medium-sized websites for freelancers and small companies. It is priced at $ 9.8 / month.

Honestly, for that price it is much better for you to create a professional WordPress website by purchasing hosting and a domain: it usually goes for less than $6 a month and without the limitations of websites to create a website for free.



Although it may not sound like you, Jimdo is another of the greats.

With Jimdo’s free version you can create a website with up to 500 MB of storage. So if you plan to do something small it is a very good option. If not you will have to switch to a payment plan ($6.50 per month).

The good thing about Jimdo is that it has a mobile app for Android and IOS with which you can also use the interface.

In addition, it also allows us to make a personal blog or even an online store as advertised. 

It includes widgets and they also let you touch some HTML language so if you understand this option you will surely like it.

Although I have not had the opportunity to try this platform to create a free blog, I have discovered that it has some SEO tools for Jimdo users.

These SEO tools are not a big deal but at least it allows you to use tags to put nofollow and dofollow links and even create a sitemap.

What is the best platform to create a free website or blog?

As I said before, this will depend on your goals and your preferences. Only you should decide based on what you intend to achieve.

If you only intend to have a blog to write your articles as a hobby, any of these platforms to create free blogs is good for you.

From my point of view, Blogger is the one that best allows you to earn money with a free blog, but if you plan to make the jump to create your own blog or website by purchasing a domain and hosting, creating a blog on  WordPress.com  should be your choice since its platform is very similar to the one you will use when managing your own website.

Wix has a great level of customization, however I think it has too many drawbacks to opt for that option.

Jimdo is the last platform that I have added in the update of this article and I must admit that I liked it a lot

If you plan to make a free online store, I choose this platform without hesitation.

In addition, the fact that it allows SEO to work  in a very basic way is a point in its favor. Therefore Jimdo would be my second option behind WordPress.com.

Site123 is less well known but in terms of design quality and SEO, it would rank below Jimdo.

Conclusion and why a free blog shouldn’t be your choice

If you read the article where I talk about whether it is possible to live on a blog, you will have seen that, if you want to be serious about blogging, free platforms are not a viable option.

You may not agree with my opinion about why having a professional blog is much better than making one on any platform we’ve seen. 

But you should know that I am not the only one who has this opinion. In fact, more and more bloggers are professionalizing their blogs to avoid all limitations and grow at a good pace.

So at this point, your choice about blogging for free or starting a professional blog should be based on:

  1. You want to have a personal blog to write and have fun with your hobby but you do not plan to make money from it, just share your hobby like so many others. In that case, from the platforms we have seen I recommend blogger and wordpress, as a third option Jimdo and then site123 or wix.
  2. You have seen that setting up a professional blog is the best way to have an online business and you want to make money online with any method (sale of services or products, advertising, audits, …).
  3. You have a physical company or business and you want to make the jump to the internet to have more visibility.

If you are not clear, creating a free blog on any platform should be an intermediate step to start having your own website with WordPress.org and be able to generate income with your own blog .

If you are clear that you only want a blog for fun, publishing a blog at no cost is what you need.

Now you have no excuses. You have already seen that it is very easy and you have several platforms. So nothing prevents you from  creating your free blog now if you have opted for this option.

Of course, if you have a physical business it goes without saying that the only viable and professional option is to have a website at WordPress.org and forget about the platforms for blogging without paying anything.

If you are going to be serious about your blog (whether personal or for a business), better do it right from the start. So create your own professional website opting to purchase your own hosting and domain.

I give you the example of my blog. Using WordPress and a domain and a hosting provider. 

The advantages are clearly superior and you will have absolute control of your entire project. Also, if you have reached these lines it is for something, right?

Now it’s your turn : comment in this article if you already have a blog or if you were doubting between a free blog and another professional one.

If you already have one; Is it a professional one or have you opted for free forms? What tips do you have for creating a free blog  and on what platform?

I invite you to answer me and ask me any questions in the comments and, if you liked the article … Share it!