So you want to know how to get on the first page of Google, right?

Well, the first thing I have to tell you is congratulations, you have landed on the right page.

The second is that appearing on Google (and doing it well) is essential to increase visits and, as a consequence, sales and customers. If you don’t go out on Google, you don’t exist.

And once the importance of appearing on Google has been clarified,  the third  thing you should know (and what is most controversial) is:  anyone can appear first on Google .

Yes, as you read it. Anyone.

But before you crucify me for saying such a statement, one thing must be clarified. 

There is a big difference between appearing on Google the first one without more, or going out in search engines for the term for which you are interested in appearing.

When I say that anyone can come out on top in Google (and I’m not lying) I mean doing it without using the right term or keywords.

In this case, it is enough to use a very long tail keyword or directly invent a word and create a website or even a page or Facebook profile that contains that word.

Want to be the first to Google effortlessly? Create a webpage or Facebook page with the keyword: “ultrasonic pickles in the court of Narnia” or directly “ultrasonic pickles”.

With this joke example it is clear that appearing on Google is not difficult or impossible. 

The difficult thing is to go out on Google for those terms that really interest us and where there is real competition. 

And that’s where it becomes essential to know what it takes to appear on Google as high as possible.

So in this article that is what we are going to see: how to get on the first page of Google to get quality organic traffic with the right keywords.

Pay attention, because if you want to know how to get out on Google and on top of doing it as high as possible, you cannot miss these keys.

Strategy How To Get On The First Page Of Google

how to get on thew first page of google

1. Do a study of keywords or keyword research

This is the first step in any SEO strategy. But it is necessary to qualify.

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies and  SEO agencies that ensure you appear first on Google and that are dedicated to selling SEO packs by keywords. 

I’m not saying that they are bad SEO agencies (which fortunately not all are). But I do say that this way is not the best way to do things.

The fact is that these agencies directly put you some keywords or ask the client to choose some keywords without even doing keyword research (the more keywords you pay more money). And this is a very serious mistake.

The result? The client pays religiously, and for many words, he appears well but receives hardly any organic traffic.

I have come to meet friends, a client, and even the odd reader who told me: SEO is not worth anything, I have managed to get out first on Google and nobody visits me.

And therein lies the problem.

You go out or you want to be the first in Google, right?

Okay, but for what keywords? This is a really important question you should ask yourself.

It is not the same to be in Google in the first positions for a keyword that has 10 monthly searches (or none) to do it for one that has 20,000. So if you want to know how to appear first in Google you will have to know for which keywords, not?

Therein lies the importance of doing a good study of keywords or keyword research .

Now that you know that the important thing is not to appear in Google without more, but to do it for the keywords that will generate organic traffic, it only remains to do a study of keywords to appear in Google for those that generate the most traffic to you.

Of course, always try to focus on long-tail keywords because they have less competition and it will be easier to rank them. 

In addition, if you are also interested in how to appear in google images, this section is of utmost importance. 

If you do the keyword research correctly, you must add your keywords to the “alt” attribute of the images and you will see how they are rank in the images section of the google search engine.

2. Write content to appear on Google

Do you want to know how to appear on Google for free? Create useful and valuable content for the user and do not neglect the rest of the points in this article.

Both the texts on each page and the content of the entries must be optimized for the keywords that you include in your SEO strategy.

Of course, do not overload the content of keywords; This is penalized by Google. It is a very common mistake.

One very important thing,  your content must follow a maxim: you have to write for people but without forgetting about search engines.

It is more than proven that having a blog where content marketing is one of the best ways to rank a website both for SEO and to increase authority as a brand.

But not everything has to be in text format.

Apart from creating a blog, you can improve your ranking with a content strategy with videos on a YouTube channel or with your own podcast.

Furthermore, a very good strategy to improve the user experience is to use these other content formats within the blog posts themselves to increase the time spent on each page.

We enter the complex world of link building.

Although it is true that the influence of links has decreased somewhat, the importance of having a good link profile is undeniable and essential .

What is clear is that not all links are equally good. And I’m not just saying it for the do-follow and no-follow links, but because the links will have higher or lower quality depending on the metrics and quality of the web that links us.

Until recently, much importance was given to the PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) of a website. 

These metrics were created by Moz based on many parameters. However, when determining the quality of a link on a website you should not pay so much attention to these values.

From my experience, it is much more important to look at the web traffic that you can provide and the profile of links on that website. 

With the link profile I mean the number of links you receive and the number of websites that point to your website ( referring domains ).

Another point to deal with in link building is the text through which they link us. That is the anchor text. You should have a wide variety of anchor texts avoiding excessive use of the exact keyword anchor text.

So that you understand what I mean: if you want to rank a page for “dog toys”, the links that reach this website must be varied (“”, “this page”, “here”, “www.yourdomain” .com ”, etc.) and do not overuse an anchor text with the exact keyword“ dog toys ”.

So far we are talking about external link building, that is, getting links from other websites to ours. 

But we must also dedicate our strategy to having a good internal links profile (interlinking).

In order to have an internal link that allows a good flow of the link juice (authority or PageRank) it is convenient to get more links from pages ranked with longer tail keywords to the pages that have to appear in Google for more complicated keywords, that is to say , with a higher volume of searches and more competition.

The result should be a network of internal links where the most difficult to rank pages receive more links.

This topic is too complex to explain in a single section so I will try to summarize it as much as possible.

As in everything, to get links to your website you can pay or do it for free. Although it is clear that if you do not want to pay, it will be impossible for you to obtain links from powerful sites such as digital press.

These are the most common tactics to get links to your website:

  • Publish press releases . There are specialized portals in it; most pay.
  • Exchange links with pages on the same topic. Networking with this method is very important.
  • Write guest articles . Writing an article on another blog on the same topic allows you to get to know the readers of the blog and it is also a very good way to interact with other authors in your sector.
  • Write valuable comments in articles and forums. Please note that links of this type are nofollow. DO NOT SPAM.
  • Link baiting. It consists of writing articles on your blog so good that they receive links simply because they deserve it. Writing valuable content is essential and, if you are lucky, you will surely receive a link to this content.
  • Buy links or reviews in the media. 
  • Request links directly. If you are reading an article and you have written about something that the article mentions, this tactic may work since you receive a link and the author brings more value.

4. Information architecture

Good structuring of the website and information is key in SEO.

Absolutely all your content should be accessible with 3 or 4 clicks from your home page. So if you see a part of your website many clicks from your cover, you just have to make it more accessible and you will see how it will start to rise ranking in Google .

This point directly affects Google spiders and other bots, but also the user experience.

Therefore, a level of clicks no higher than 3, using friendly URLs, having a good internal link and a suitable menu is very important to facilitate the “crawling” of the web and improve usability.

5. Optimization of the web and user experience

Another essential point to improve the user experience.

If one thing is clear, it is that both Google and users prefer pages that load fast and adapted to any device.

If a page takes a long time to load, users won’t spend much time on it. On the other hand, more or less the same thing happens with search engine bots; if a website takes a long time to load, bots will crawl fewer pages each time they visit our website.

The web loading speed should be fast: always less than 3 seconds but the faster the better. For this, time must be dedicated to:

  • Choose a good hosting .
  • Use an optimized WordPress template .
  • Optimize the web load of your WordPress .
  • Compress the images on your website .

6. Facilitate indexing to bots

If we have already talked about the importance of architecture and loading speed so that bots can more easily crawl our website, we still have to make it easier for them.

So you have to configure certain files well and make use of the “noindex” tag on those pages that we are not interested in that they crawl frequently.

Fortunately, in this blog I have already told you all about the two most important files that you must configure to rank yourself in Google more easily :

  • Set up and create a sitemap for WordPress.
  • The robots.txt file.

Don’t forget to make sure that you are indexing your website (Settings> Reading> “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” box unchecked) and all the pages that interest you with the aforementioned files.

It is also advisable to indicate to the search engines that the web is your property with methods such as registering with search engines .

Either with Google Search Console (for Google) or Bing Webmaster for the bing search engine, you only have to register your website as your property.

Finally, every time you update or create new content, you can “force” the indexing of its content from the Google Search Console tool by going to “Tracking”> “Explore as Google”.

7. Social SEO, increase web traffic to appear on Google

Google has already made this clear. Having relevance on social networks does not directly affect SEO.

This does not mean that working visibility on social networks does not indirectly benefit search engine ranking.

Having a lot of traffic does help to appear in the top positions of Google . And what better way than to get social traffic thanks to marketing on social networks.

In addition, social networks are becoming more relevant, and probably in the future will be one more factor in Google’s ranking.

Therefore, having thousands of followers on social networks does NOT influence Google ranking. 

What influences is the traffic your website receives thanks to these?

8. Appear on Google using Adwords advertising

Not everything has to focus on how to appear on Google without paying thanks to SEO, right?

In other words, if you have a budget for online marketing, why not use it in SEM?

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing. For us to understand each other, it is advertising on Google.

By now you should know Google Adwords, the Google platform that allows you to put online advertising for our website in this search engine.

For a lot of searches, I’m sure you’ve seen the typical Google ads that come out before organic search results. 

Well, you can also use them if you decide to pay to appear on Google.

The good thing about this tactic is that the ads come out above the organic results, so with SEM, you can appear in Google in the first position for any keyword. Of course, the price will depend on the keywords you use in your ads.

9. How to get out on Google maps with local SEO

This last point could not be overlooked since there is a very common question in local companies: how to make my business appear on Google maps?

Local searches are the order of the day . And much more with the huge number of users who search directly from the mobile phone where results are shown depending on their location.

If you have a website or business that offers its services or products in a specific location, working local SEO is mandatory if you want to appear on Google .

Even if you work nationally or globally, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of the opportunities offered by local searches to get above organic results.

10. Be patient

I still receive emails from readers who have been with your website for less than a month and they ask me: « How to rank my website in Google? »Or« How to get on the first page of Google? «.

If something is characteristic of ranking, it is that appearing in google at the beginning of search results does not happen overnight.

So how long does it take for my page to appear in Google in the top positions?

Unfortunately, this is very relative. You cannot measure how long it takes for a website to come out on top of Google or any other search engine.

Generally the more or less settled results are usually seen from 6 months. But that does not mean that the following week they do not get worse.

Google’s algorithm changes almost daily. Usually, they are small changes but this, together with the competition to get to the first page, makes SEO a dynamic discipline in which you have to constantly work.

This is why SEO in Google is a whole branch within online marketing and a challenge for everyone who has a website.


Everyone has ever wondered this: “How do you get to appear first on Google?”

But realistically, no one can guarantee you will be in Google in the first position for the keywords or keywords that you want so much. Nor are there any tricks.

The reason is very simple. It all depends on the competition that exists in each of the searches and the updates of the Google algorithm .

Typically, there is always competition for profitable keywords. And therefore, you will always have competitors using different SEO strategies.

On the other hand there are also the pages and companies of great authority. You have to be realistic and there are pages of such a large span that it will be impossible for you to exceed for many keywords.

A clear example of this type of page is Wikipedia or Amazon. Both with many links that will be impossible to overcome.

Hiring someone or going it alone to try to get Google on the first page for a highly competitive keyword is a strategy mistake.

You have to define a good Google ranking strategy (SEO) to attack those words that have lower competition but that can provide traffic from the beginning.

A good SEO strategy is based on NOT ranking for impossible searches with the brutal competition, but also for searches that nobody would do and do not get traffic.

Try to go for more affordable long-tail keywords that generate traffic to you. Of course, the more conversion-oriented or sales-oriented, the more profitable you will be.

Without going any further I will give you the example of this blog. Almost all the traffic comes from Google, so thanks to my work in SEO I have managed to get my blog to appear in Google in competing keywords.

Now it’s up to you to put into practice each point explained to appear in the first places of Google.

And you, have you already managed to appear in Google for keywords with many searches?