You don’t need to be an expert to start a blog in a matter of minutes.

Golden Blogging is proof of that. Here is a guide we created based on our experience; we have been through the process of not knowing how to create a blog to create something with a good number of visitors.

You do not need technical knowledge in order to start a blog in 2021. Just follow the steps, and you’ll be able to start one.

You will learn how to make money online by creating your own website.

how to start a blog

Why you should create your blog:

Now that you know you don’t have to be a professional writer or digital marketer to create your own blog, here are some reasons why you should start a blog.

Making money from your blog is one of the many advantages, where you can make a decent income, meet new people with similar interests, etc.

If you’re still hesitating, here are four reasons why today is the right day to have your own blog.

You can use your blog to show your audience that you are an expert in a particular field by sharing tips and recommendations.

Become an expert, so that people consider you an expert in the field, and this makes it easier to be hired or landed a job, since they’re aware of your skills.

1. Build a loyal audience that believes in you and your work:

The more relevant your content is to your readers, the more they are likely to follow you and to believe in you.

By blogging, you become friends with people you can motivate, teach, and advise.

You are building a base of an audience interested in the products and services you will recommend, create, and sell online.

2. You have a channel to communicate with people about the work you do:

Whenever you send an email notification with your latest article, it reminds your audience of what you do.

The best part is that you are not annoying your audience with products or services.

Instead, you publish content that is relevant to them, which they will want to read and share.

One of the best things about having a blog is everything you learn.

3. Learn what you can do:

You can understand your readers’ questions by creating a blog on topics that interest you.

You research new sources each time you write an article. You also gain new knowledge and ideas when you ask your audience for their opinions.

For all these reasons, the most significant benefit of having a blog is what you learn in its creation, which you can then apply to your business.

So, now that you’ve read all this, you are ready to start your blog. Here are the steps you need to follow to build a blog from scratch.

How to start a Blog on WordPress blog step by step:

Today, with the rise of the Internet, some tools allow you to create a blog in less than 10 minutes, set it up with just a few clicks, and start earning money from home.

In this case, I will explain how to create a WordPress blog, one of the most used CMS worldwide. Golden Blogging uses it, for example.

So, with this guide, you will not only learn how to start a personal blog from scratch, but you will also know how to make money with your blog, whether you are present or not, publishing content on something that you are passionate about.

So what do you need to start a blog?

It would be best to have your domain, configure hosting, and then install WordPress: a process that takes around 10 minutes and a few clicks. Keep reading, and you’ll know that you don’t need WordPress because your hosting provider will automatically install it.

Additionally, you need a credit card (all business requires an investment), but don’t worry that it is relatively inexpensive: approximately $3.95, that is, a monthly coffee paid annually.

Can you create a free blog?

Of course, you have free alternatives. If you Google, you will find hundreds of sites to create a blog for free.

However, these are not the best option to create a blog if your goal is to create a profitable business and make money online.


These free alternatives to create a blog are limited; they do not offer you the features you’ll get if you paid for hosting. Also, like any business, you must invest in it to get results.

Let’s get started: Here’s how to create a blog, step by step. 

One of the most important aspects when building a blog from scratch is the domain. In my case, it is; and although there are many articles on google that will help you choose a perfect domain name. 

With domains, it happens as in love: there is love at first sight.

Remember that the domain will be the way people will find you online; here are my recommendations:

  • Try to get a .com domain.
  • Your domain should be short.
  • Easy to remember and write. Avoid numbers, hyphens, or repeated words.
  • Include keywords that talk about what you will publish in your blog.
  • The best thing is if you like it then book since you will use it every day of your life.

Here is a tool to check the availability of your domain. 

Once you have decided the name of your blog, that is, your domain, which you can have for free (later I will explain how), it is time get hosting for your blog, which is the place where your site will get hosted.

The hosting service that we will use to create a blog in less than 10 minutes will be  Bluehost, and the hosting recommended by WordPress.

The number 1 hosting provider is quite simple and has five essential benefits when starting a blog from scratch.

  1. The best benefit of all? Bluehost gives you a domain for a year so that you will save part of your investment.
  2. To create your blog on WordPress, you only need a few clicks, and you are good to go. 
  3. You have 24-hour support, seven days a week, if you run into any problem.
  4. If you don’t like their hosting service, you have 30 days to get your money back.
  5. They give you $ 150 worth of deals that you can use on your paid campaign on Google, Bing, and other sites.

Also, over two million in the world are hosted on Bluehost because they know what they are doing; they are experts in the field.

Practical guide: How to start blogging blog step by step

I have created this 10-step guide to explain how to start a WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes. To make it as easy as possible, I have included screenshots to have a kind of accompaniment.

So let’s get started, learn how to create a blog from scratch, and build the foundations of an online business that can generate passive income, live from it, and lead an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

1. First step to create your blog is to go to

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 1

There you will have many options choose ” Get Started Now “, a green button in the main section of the page (see image above)

2. Choose between the four plans: the basic, plus, choice plus and the pro

bluehost hosting plans

If you are a beginner, create your WordPress blog with the basic plan, which has a price of $ 3.95 per month.

For others who are more robust, the Plus plan is an excellent way to start. The idea is to invest your money wisely, And this basic plan will allow you to learn how to create a blog without requiring a significant investment.

It also includes many benefits, such as five personalized emails with your domain plus 25 subdomains.

Important note: You must bear in mind that Bluehost charges annually. The price of the plan you see there is monthly, so you must multiply it by 12 months.

3. Claim the first gift: your FREE domain

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 2
How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 15

If you already have a domain, you have to update the Bluehost nameservers, something quite simple. However, let’s focus on the free option.

So to start creating a blog, choose your domain, and make sure it is available. For this example, I will use the following domain:

4. Fill in your personal information:

create your blog with bluehost

In this step of the guide on starting a blog, you must enter your name, surname, name of your blog, your country, address, and email where they will send you the relevant information on your new website.

Check the information you enter there and in the email, and you will receive important information from your blog and new updates. The name of your company, or blog, is optional, so you can leave it blank.

Go next. 

5. Pick your hosting plan

This is the most crucial point, and where you must use your credit card.

As I had defined in the first point, we will choose the basic plan; what you must determine now is the time, that is, for how long will you take the plan, it can be between 12 and 36 months.

bluehost package price

The longer, the cheaper it will be; for 36 months, it will stay at $ 3.95 per month up to 12 months, which costs $ 5.95 per month. Something quite inexpensive.

This price may vary over time, so please check before making the payment. Remember that the cost to create a blog is for all the months and not monthly.

6. Choose the extra options you want to add to your hosting plan

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 3

In this case, we will not choose anything, we want it to be as economical as possible, and these extra options can be left when you want to learn how to start a blog from scratch. (Although it is your decision if you’re going to add any).

Choose the time of your hosting plan, and the rest of the boxes leave them blank. You must remove them since they are chosen by default, as shown in the image above.

7. Important step: payment information

bluehost payment information

Finally, at this point, you must enter your credit card information with the expiration date and security number. Remember, at the end of entering this information. You must select the acceptance box of terms and conditions.

Do not forget to review each of the details you just entered; make sure that your payment information, plan, address and personal information are correct.

Check that you do not have any extra options selected. We do not want additional charges to appear.

8. After some time, you will receive a confirmation email

After a few minutes of making the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your domain, username, password, DNS, and other information.

What you should do in this step is to change your password. As requested by email, once you select this option, the following image will appear:

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 4

Remember to create a password where you combine different types of characters. This way, it will be more secure.

Finally, confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and click on the green drawer to continue.

As you can see, this guide to teach you how to start a blog in less than 10 minutes is quite intuitive and not as complicated as people used to tell you.

Install your blog in WordPress as promised, and you only require one click to do so. Here are the indications:

Step 1: At the bottom of your screen, you should click Install WordPress in the Website section.

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 5

Step 2: Bluehost will give you the option to install it in one click.🙂

Step 3: Click on Install.

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 6

Step 4: The following box will appear. Click on “Check Domain”. Once you do, two necessary boxes will appear. The last one includes the terms and conditions, and the first one will consist of the information from your blog.

This first box is essential since it will give you access to your blog and your WordPress account, so you should keep it in a safe place.

Once you accept the two boxes, the information will appear to access your blog and see the installation process.

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 7

When you select the boxes, the next option is to define your username and password to access the blog.

Step 5: Once you define your username and password, click on “ Install Now ”. At the top of the screen, you will see the installation progress. Once you are done, your blog is ready.

How To Start A Blog: In Less Than 10 Minutes 8

Step 6: Now that you have installed WordPress on your Bluehost, you should now save your credentials, which you can see at the bottom of the screen.

It would be best if you did it as soon as possible since you only have 12 hours for these credentials to be active.

Credentials are the information you need to access your blog. 

10. Enter the username and password of your blog

wordpress login

In this case, it will be with your username and password (credentials). Once you enter, everything is ready to start publishing content on your blog.

If anyone asks you how to create a blog, show them this guide, it takes less than 10 minutes to learn how to start your blog and get it live.

Additional tips when Starting a WordPress blog

I only have not tried to explain how to create a blog technically.

But also to explain some additional settings that will make your blog a much more professional way and put you on the path to start earning extra money with your website.

What is a hosting plan?

While starting a blog, when people hear the name “hosting”, they assume it is complicated.

It is known as web hosting, and it is a service where you store files such as images, articles, videos, and other content, that you upload on your blog.

This can be complicated for people who don’t have much knowledge about coding and programming. 

Therefore, in this guide on how to start a blog from scratch, I have practically explained how to create a blog using Bluehost hosting plan. Because it is inexpensive and you don’t have to take care of technical things. 

Set the language of your WordPress.

To do this, go to Settings → General → At the bottom of the screen, you will find the language, choose your comfortable language and finally save the changes.

Pick a theme for your blog.

You can change the theme of your blog in the following way: Appearance → Themes → There, you have options or free, or you can buy in Themeforest, there is a wide variety of templates available depending on the niche of your blog.

But I highly recommend you to use to themes:

  • GeneratePress
  • Astra Theme

How to post your first article

To create your first blog post, go to posts, and create new ones. There you can create your first article.

How to get to the first thousand monthly visitors on your blog:

Although the success of a blog is not measured by the traffic it has, visitors are an essential metric.

When traffic to your website increases, your advertising revenue increases.

Your social media community also increases. And you can easily monetize this website traffic by promoting affiliate products, your digital products and services.

Here are five strategies to get your first thousand visitors to your blog in a matter of weeks:

Apply the Pareto principle in your blog: The Pareto Principle is that 20% of the things you do will affect 80% of your results.

How to apply this principle in your blog? 20% of your time will be used to create content, while 80% will be for promotion.

Most people write excellent content, and they think this is enough. If you do not share and invest time and money in promoting your content, you will hardly grow.

Many believe that the work ends when they press the “publish” button, but the reality is that this is when the work begins. Here is a list of ways to promote your content:

  • You can create a group on WhatsApp to send your new publications to your contacts.
  • Write to other bloggers who have bigger communities than you and share your article with them.
  • Twitter influencers who might find your content engaging and can share it.
  • Use your social networks and that of your friends to increase the reach of your blog.
  • Publish your content in related groups on social networks.
  • Create a Facebook Group and promote your content there. 

This type of work will help you take your content beyond your community, undoubtedly increasing the exposure and number of visitors you receive.

It is not about magic formulas but about being recursive. 

2. Tactics in your communities on social networks: You must have a social network presence to achieve your first thousand monthly visitors. And in the indicated way, that is through “fan pages” or business users that allow you to keep metrics and statistics.

It would be best if you were on Facebook, as a quarter of the population goes through this social network every day, and indeed your target audience, regardless of who it is, is on this social network. 

Now, it is about sharing the content and measuring the effects of the changes you make in your posts.

Ask yourself: What happens if you change the image, modify the text, or describe the post as smaller?

This type of test will allow you to find what your community likes, what kind of content they want and, therefore, focus on them and get closer to the first thousand visitors.

You must share the same content several times, at least twice in the same week, and once again during the following 30 days.

Why? Facebook increasingly limits your organic reach, so, likely, your community (so they follow you) will not see your posts.

Once you identify that post with good interactions, you should invest a little in advertising to increase traffic and reach.

3. Create an Email List:

Email marketing is essential not only for the number of subscribers you have but also for their quality.

As well? It is preferable to have a small list where each subscriber wants to read your content and buy the products you promote.

You must be very careful with your subscribers since there is no sense in having people on your list who do not want to receive your content. This is why a good quality email list is worth more than hundreds of visitors from social networks.

What is this about? It has been proven that visitors through email marketing spend more time on your site, the bounce rate is much lower, and they are more likely to become your customers than other means.

Later, I tell you what tools you can use to create your Email Marketing campaigns.

  1. Often check Google Analytics:

What is measured is improved. Check what content has traffic, how much time readers spend on your site, what articles precisely, how many page views, and from which countries and cities they visit you.

You can find all this information in Google Analytics, so if you don’t have it, your first task will be to create an account. 

This data is vital because it helps you identify what you like and what you don’t like and, based on this, decide what type of content to publish for your community. 

Once you know this, rest assured that your traffic and income will start to grow.

  1. Guest blogging:

Lastly, and very significantly, contribute to other media and blogs that are related to your business. 

Contact them and ask them if they are interested in accepting guest posts

Not only will you be exposed to communities that you do not have, but you will also have links to your site, known as link building, which is the basis of ranking in Google.

When you publish this content, you must deliver the highest possible value since you have a single opportunity to connect with this new audience, which is essential to develop future business with other blogs.

Recommendations and tools:

Like  Bluehost, other tools can help you in your new online business: Your blog. 


With KWFinder, you can find the keywords or topics to publish in your blog based on the level of searches these terms have in the search engines.

Without a doubt, this tool is essential to define your SEO strategy or ranking since it allows you to find the keywords, their number of searches, level of difficulty, and the cost per click.

The tool initially offers you three free searches a day, but it’s pretty limited. Its paid version is quite attractive.


Postcron is a web tool that makes it easier for you to schedule posts on different social networks, a great time saver.

With this tool, you can post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with just a few clicks, and best of all, if you have several posts, you can load them all at once using a .cvs file.


Suppose you need help designing your website, creating email campaigns, changes in your site’s programming, design pieces, or any other activity related to your blog. In that case, you can hire a freelancer on this platform to help you with a specific activity.

Google Analytics:

As we mentioned earlier, this Google tool helps you keep track of your readers.

When you configure it on your blog, it will tell you which country your blog is getting traffic. How much time do readers stay on your blog, and what their interests are.

This tool is essential to progress and keep track of the behaviour of your website.


It would be best if you have an email list. With Mailchimp, you can send all your visitors the new articles, videos, or posts you make on your blog. And better yet, it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers.


Bitly’s function is to keep track of how many times your articles are clicked. Its functionality is quite simple and helps you discover which of your posts you like the most.

Google Adsense:

This is Google’s platform for website monetization. This tool allows you to generate income for your website. 

Although you will not live on Google’s income, you can have an income that allows you to “maintain and improve” your site.

Before finishing, you should know the following:

As you may have noticed, learning how to start a blog doesn’t take much time; It is a simple process, fast and within a few clicks when you do it with Bluehost.

The essential thing is to start. You will always have many reasons not to; Among them, you do not have time, it is very difficult, or worse, that you do not believe that it is possible to earn money doing something you are passionate about. That is your purpose in life.

So to finish, we would like to make clear three essential points:

  1. Creating a successful blog takes time:

When people think of blogging, the first idea that comes to mind is passive income; you with a computer on the beach enjoying financial freedom while having some margaritas.

While this is achievable, you need to stop thinking that creating a personal blog is an accessible business, that you don’t need to work, and that you will see your accounts fill with money while you do nothing.

Like any life business, whether it is a cheap franchise or an online startup, you need dedication, effort, and a lot of disposition.

  1. Prepare to face difficult situations:

If you are learning how to create a blog, make sure you are passionate about the topic you are dealing with. If you are one of those who say, ” I want to start a business, but I don’t know what, “begin by looking for something that interests you a lot.

Why is it essential that you are passionate about the subject?

You will need a passion for facing not so pleasant moments, for moments, for example, as when:

  • You don’t want to make a new post on your blog,
  • Your friends ask you what you do on your computer,
  • Do not believe that a personal blog can be a business,
  • and many other difficult moments involving entrepreneurship.
  1. Consistency, the key to creating a successful blog:

From the beginning, you will have disappointments and failures, a lack of readers on your blog. You will want to do other things: you will prefer to go out with your friends, watch movies, sleep, and do many other things you may wish to beyond sitting down and working on your project.

That is why you need the perseverance to overcome your desire not to succeed. 

To master your fear of success. To be successful. So get started right away. Here are the steps to learn how to start a blog from scratch.

Necessary clarification: If you decide to buy your hosting plan with Bluehost, I receive a commission in Golden Blogging. This will not make your plan more expensive. You will help us. So if you decide to do it, start here.