Today I will show you the tips that every entrepreneur must have in mind to succeed in an online business with a blog or a website.

And if you were searching how to start a successful blog then you are on the right page.

Surely you have been told or you have heard many times that with the crisis the worst thing you can do is create a business, or that if you do not have a passion or vocation for business and do not know how to sell you will not get to anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth; no one is born knowing and much less you can be passionate about something you have not come to know.

The crisis is the perfect incentive to start your own online business.

That because?

The answer is simple.

Because the prices of setting up your own blog or creating a website with which to start your online business are very low.

Because a blog Being unemployed can change your life, getting a job and keeping it is extremely complicated nowadays; and because the safest and most satisfying option is to start your own online business with a website or blog.

As for having a passion or vocation for business there are a few nuances; A vocation is understood when you have had it from a young age or for many years, but how many people say they want to be entrepreneurs or have their own business from a young age?

Almost none. And how many owners of their own business are passionate and happy with what they have managed to undertake?

Many. And transferring it to the subject of online business, I do not know anyone who is not delighted and passionate about his blog or web with making money online.

Most of the time the passion for something comes to us when you discover and get into its world and start to train and find out about it.

We just need to ask ourselves and our friends what we wanted to be when we were little children.

The options were quite limited: footballers, singers, dancers, veterinarians, doctors …

We did not know all the range of possibilities in terms of professions, and from childhood we were taught that we should be employed to have a prosperous and happy life

They have never told us about starting your own online business.

And in the end, how many of those little kids are now what they wanted to be before?

Very few the truth. But that does not mean that they have failed; they simply discovered their true passion or fell into the trap of choosing a profession to work for others and having a “safe” life at the cost of giving up their passions.

If you have come this far it is because you want to change your life , you want to start online because you are tired of working for others in something that does not fill you and you do not want to spend more time without doing what you really like, what you really passionate about .

Congratulations, you have already taken a step that millions of people do not dare to take: follow their dreams. 

Now it only remains to take action, do not get bogged down in the idea of ​​changing your life: act.

I am going to give you an example that will surely surprise you: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

Steve Jobs is said to have followed his usual passion and thanks to that he managed to be one of the most successful men in the world.

However this is not entirely true.

If you have read his biography (you can buy it on Amazon ), you will know that Steve Jobs was not passionate about technology since he was a child. In fact, at 18 he entered Reeds University to study Dance and History. Surprising, huh?

However, a year after starting he left his studies and went to live with his parents. Were you really passionate about that? I doubt it.

Steve Jobs was going through what is very likely to have happened to you (it happened to me too): of course he liked dance and history, but he did not know what he was passionate about. He had not discovered his passion .

After a few years he ended up working at Atari, a famous video game company, thanks to an advertisement in the newspaper that said: “have fun and earn money”.

This job left him shortly afterwards and he took a spiritual trip through India, although he already showed that he wanted to earn money doing something that he really enjoyed.

On the way back, his friend Stephen Wozniak asked Jobs to help him out with a business that had started making terminals. Those were the beginnings of Apple.

As you can see, Steve Jobs did not have a passion from the beginning to undertake technology and communications.

He was also quite lost with his life, like many people today.

Working and working Steve Jobs became very good in the world of information and communication technology, and his passion was the product of his interest and all this work.

This is the point I want to get to, on many occasions (most of them) passion comes after training and working on what interests you and you like.

Therefore, to start an online business it is not necessary to be passionate (you do not have to hate what you do), but if you like what you do, little by little you will see how your passion is born and grows.

An entrepreneur is made, not born.

In this little summary of the beginnings of Steve Jobs you have been able to see that passion does not come from nothing, you have to look for it and that without passion you cannot succeed in a business.

So now that you know that without passion you cannot succeed and that to discover it you have to dare to try what you like, let’s move on to the tips that every entrepreneur should know to have a successful online business with a blog or a website.

11 Tips How to start a successful blog

How To Start A Successful Blog

1. Choose well your business idea to undertake

Deciding which of your ideas is going to be chosen for your business is not an easy task.

It is advisable to take into account the topics you like, if you intend to live from an online business or that this generates you a few extras every month, etc.

The most important thing in this section is to know, if your idea already exists as a business model, if it has a lot of competition or is it a new sector.

Another important idea is to know the demand that there is regarding the business that you want to start. Don’t be in a hurry: think and study the market.

2. Organize the steps to take

Everything must be thought to the millimeter to minimize the margin of error: you have to take into account  what steps you are going to take initially so that the online business starts working from the beginning with a blog or a website .

Some steps to take are: selecting the business model (selling products, offering services, setting up an online store, etc.), choosing the name of your online business, creating accounts on social networks, searching for suppliers and possible collaborators, etc.

It is also important that you think about who will participate in the business model, where and how the sale will take place and what your expectations are in the medium and long term.

For example, if you are going to create a website to sell products bought from China, look for information on the internet about this type of business and think about whether you will create the website or hire a designer to create and design the website to sell online.

3. Before starting online make a budget

Create a budget for expenses and income even before starting an online business.

It is necessary to take into account the initial expenses, the product expenses, the estimated profit and above all it must be taken into account that the first months the expenses will be higher than the income.

In fact, it is very likely that in the first months you will not earn much.

You have to be patient and put a lot of effort to make your business work . Especially in the first months where visibility is very low.

Starting an online business has quite affordable expenses at the beginning, so paying off the initial expenses will not cost you much.

4. Research, observe and learn

It is important to know the weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of the market in which you intend to enter.

Identifying and following the competition involves researching and learning from it.

Focus on your sector and detect what the existing offer is and based on that, develop your “unique purchase advantage”.

Investigating, observing and learning from the competition will help you to take off more strongly, to differentiate yourself from it, and to have new ideas to implement in your business.

5. Learn from mistakes

Despite organizing well and following the planned steps, problems or inconveniences always arise.

Do not be dragged by them, get up, analyze what you have failed and solve it.

Every failure is a step towards success .

6. Take advantage of social networks

We live in an era where everything is discussed and shared.

Take advantage of the networks to interact with your customers and advertise through them.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn … they are all free and will send you thousands and thousands of people.

7. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs

In your career as an entrepreneur you will find many in your same position.

In the world of blogging and online business, it is normal to see help among bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Most of us love working together so do not hesitate to collaborate with them, you can do advertising campaigns together, offer the products to your customers, offer a new joint service, etc.

An example: an entrepreneur creates a home-delivered parcel delivery company managed by the internet and you create a website dedicated to selling T-shirts.

As both of you want to grow and make yourself known, creating an agreement between the two companies so that the delivery company brings the shirts to its customers at lower prices is the best option and, almost certainly, the most economical.

Customers will appreciate the low prices of the delivery service and both companies will win.

8. Your training is what sets you apart

Starting a business requires a lot of effort and constant evolution.

Train yourself, read and read and do not stop reading books on topics that can help you in your business, take courses and teach courses on topics in which you are an expert in your business.

Both doing courses and teaching them will help you establish knowledge , improve your oratory, meet other people in your same sector and even get collaborations and clients.

9. Don’t settle

Always look for things to improve your business.

There comes a time when you see that everything is going well, you have your earnings and a consolidated clientele. But you don’t have to stay there.

Think big and you will be big .

Think about what you can improve that will make you stand out as a company, offer new products that get more customers, invest in advertising, create new offers, redesign your website, etc.

Always try to perfect what you already offer and innovate with new products and services.

10. Learn to delegate and outsource

When starting an online business, no matter how good you are, you cannot do everything.

It is normal that when you are starting you have a tight budget and do almost everything yourself. 

But as things progress you must learn to ask for help from other professionals and place your trust in them .

You may be good at writing or offering a range of services or products, but don’t be afraid to outsource others to do the rest of the work for you.

This will give you more time to dedicate yourself to what you are really good at and you will have better results in the rest of the things you have delegated.

11. Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and in your project. This is a step that should never be missed when undertaking online but it will be very complicated in some stages. Don’t give up .

Entrepreneurs are characterized by being daring people and self-confidence is decisive for success.

Dare, take the leap. Stop thinking about that idea in your head and get going to make it happen.

Who does not risk does not win?

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Now you have understood how to start a successful blog and make money with it.