You have started a blog and want instant website traffic to our blog or website. In fact, if we have space on the internet it is because we want others to visit us.

But from this need, and if you are not a professional SEO, two doubts arise:

  • How to get web traffic without being an SEO expert.
  • How to make those visitors stay on your website.

It is more than demonstrated that web traffic and the quality of the visits that come to us are very important factors for our ranking.

Therefore, you should not only focus on getting more traffic to your websites.

Visitors must stay (the longer the better) and browse our website.

What would be the use of having thousands of visits if within 10 seconds they leave our website? You’re welcome, you need to attract quality traffic.

Only in this way, you will obtain clients and subscribers.

And since I’ve already told you a lot about SEO these, in today’s article I want to tell you how to get instant qualified traffic to your blog without being an SEO expert. 

That is, for all audiences, you are a beginner or you have been with your website for a few years; and for all types and niches of blogs.

So we will focus on the tricks to get visits with the content and other strategies to attract traffic to your blog or website that I consider important.

Go for it!

9 Keys to Get Instant Website Traffic

Instant Website Traffic

1. The best possible content

Create valuable content.

It’s that simple, right?

Well, the truth is that not so much.

Because … what is content that adds value?

The answer is more complicated than it sounds.

In my opinion, the best way to increase website traffic is by creating value, but valuable content must meet the following requirements :

  1. Approach of a need, doubt, or problem and that a solution is given.
  2. Aimed at your target audience: it must be a common problem for your audience.
  3. Being the best possible content you can give to solve this need.
  4. That hooks the reader so that all the content is read and it solves its doubt.
  5. That deserves to be shared.

As for giving a solution to a problem of your target audience there is not much to say. But you must be clear about who your target audience is and what problems they have. Know your audience .

Point 3 I consider very important. A blog with an article with poor content or made “lightly” usually stands out a lot and gives a very bad image to the blog.

You will not get quality visitors if you do not give the best in each post. So from my point of view, it is an obligation to make sure you give the best content possible before publishing an article or page.

At point four the famous copywriting comes into playthe art of attracting with your texts. To create the need to continue reading.

Here the creativity and skill of each one comes into play with their power of persuasion.

A good way to start copywriting and get quality traffic is to create attractive titles.

You already know that the SEO title of an article is shown in the Google SERPs. 

So don’t forget to include the main keyword and make it irresistible so that more visitors visit that article from Google.

2. Share your articles and participate in social networks

One of the ways to quickly generate web traffic is to spend time on social media to promote the blog and attract visitors.

Let me tell you that social networks are the main source of traffic in the first months of a blog.

A blogger’s job doesn’t end as soon as you finish and post an article. But you are practically missing almost half the work: spread it on social networks.

You can write the best article in the world that if nobody knows you, nobody will read it.

And in addition to sharing, you must participate in social networks. It is normal for you to leave comments or mention yourself on a social network, so respond to each of them.

Since there are many social networks, it is almost impossible to use all of them. If you dare, you can use all social networks but it will take you a long time to share your content on all of them.

That is why I recommend you focus on 3 or 4 social networks .

I leave it to your choice, but the ones that give me the best result and I like the most are: Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn.

And it is not enough to publish only in your profiles. I also recommend that you share and participate in Facebook groups and in the Google + communities that are of your theme (always without SPAM, of course).

Of course, you must analyze the impact of social traffic with Google Analytics to see which social networks are the ones that report the most traffic to you.

3. Comment on other blogs on your topic

If you look, this section is very similar to participating in social networks.

Needless to say, comments should add value , right?

There is no point commenting: “I love your article” or “Very good, thanks for your information.”

You will have to comment on something related to the article, answer any questions asked in it or clarify something to the author of the post or to a reader who has already commented.

When commenting on blogs that follow the same theme you will enjoy:

  • Recognition in your sector
  • Build relationships and achieve possible collaborations
  • Drive visits to your blog

4. Guest Posting

Writing and posting articles on other blogs is called  Guest Posting.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, it is highly recommended to make yourself known by writing for other articles on your subject.

Collaborating with other more famous bloggers on your subject will allow you to make yourself known.

By reaching readers who do not come from your blog, you can increase quality web traffic to your page.

It is very important to know which blogs to choose to make a guest post. It is better to write as a guest on blogs with more authority and better statistics than yours, but it will not be easy to get accepted as a guest.

A good way to get accepted for guest posting is to be polite and offer it to the blogs you follow.

Do not even think of sending a template email to send to all the blogs you meet with a copy and paste because they will discover you and you will lose very good opportunities to increase the web traffic of your blog .

Personalize them and make each blogger proud that you want to write on their blog .

5. Attract other bloggers

In addition to appearing on other blogs, why not make other bloggers appear on yours?

If you get recognized bloggers to appear on your blog, you will not only gain credibility and authority by bringing personalities of your subject. But these bloggers will share you on their social networks and you will get enough daily traffic.

And how can I get other bloggers to come to my blog?

Create a podcast

If you dare to create your own podcast program on a specific topic, I am sure you will not be short of guests and you will be able to get more website traffic.

The main disadvantage of podcasts is that, whether in audio or video format, it takes a lot of time and work to do them. In addition, you will have to buy the appropriate equipment and software.

However, the benefits you can get from this method are many: recognition, building trust with your followers, appearing on other podcasts, attracting traffic and recognized bloggers, etc.

Do interviews

Interviewing better-known bloggers will bring you more benefits than meets the eye:

  • Get free website traffic if they share the interview.
  • Build a relationship with them.
  • Learn from the best.
  • A source of motivation for you and your readers.

The main disadvantage is that if your blog takes a short time, some bloggers may decline your request to interview them.

But everything is to propose it and carry them out. As your blog grows, these interviews will be easier to achieve.

So do not be ashamed and link to those bloggers that you like the most in your content .

If they use WordPress it is likely that you will receive a notification in the form of a “pingback” that will tell them that they have been linked from your website.

And if you are lucky and the content is good, I am sure that they will share your article on their social networks with all that this entails.

The Round Up Post

Another very effective method of getting qualified web traffic is to write a collaborative article with other bloggers.

A Round Up Posts article consists of asking several bloggers one or very few questions about something in particular.

The questions will be the same for everyone and the answers should be short.

In the same article, several renowned bloggers will give their opinion on something very specific.

In this way you will be able to gather many authors in a single article that will be disseminated on the social networks of all of them, managing to generate quality website traffic thanks to a single article.

6. Use an advertising campaign

Although this is not a way to get free website traffic, I think it is a very good option (if not the best in terms of speed).

Here you have many options to choose from: Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords …

But without a doubt the most successful is Facebook Ads.

In this blog, I have not yet carried out any Facebook Ads campaign but I have used it in a project that I have apart and I can assure you that you will get quality visitors, subscribers, and clients for very little money.

In the near future, I am sure that I will use a few campaigns to grow faster.

For less than $20 a week you will multiply your visits. It will depend on how optimized the campaign is to obtain web traffic but I assure you that you will get more visits.

Also, if you focus the campaign to get subscribers with a landing page and a lead magnet or to get customers, you will have recovered the investment by far.

7. Use blog directories and content aggregators

Directories and content aggregators are websites where you register your blog to be able to share your content either automatically as on  or manually.

Not only can you get more visitors to your website but they are a good way to get more links to it.

8. Don’t neglect Email Marketing

Although it may seem a little out of date, the use of email marketing is one of the best ways to get instant website traffic to your website.

Subscriber lists have a much higher conversion rate than social media, so don’t neglect email marketing.

Subscribers to your newsletter are there because they found your blog of interest. So there is no better source of recurring visitors than the subscriber list.

To do this you must register with an email marketing company such as Mailrelay, Aweber, Mailchimp …

9. Take care and optimize your blog to get free website traffic

This is one of the most important keys to getting qualified website traffic.

So far I have talked about content and its dissemination on social networks. But as important is that as making your blog comfortable for the reader.

You must have a clear design: simple but effective.

Use legible fonts and attractive colors that don’t hurt your eyes.

Avoid distractions for your readers, use images to reinforce the texts, and optimize them to load quickly.

Make sure readers don’t have to wait while loading a page. Choose a lightweight theme and use the best WordPress hosting to improve loading speed.

Lastly, you should also focus on usability and user experience .

Avoid having the page overloaded with elements, use a simple but well visible and useful menu

Link your articles so that the reader has everything they need just a click away.


I have already told you more than once the importance of SEO to generate instant website traffic and improve web positioning. Ranking on the first page of Google will also generate website traffic.

But just as important is SEO, as these proven strategies that I have told you here. So you can’t focus on just one aspect, you have to combine everything.

Another way to get more instant website traffic that I have not highlighted as such but that is implicit, is networking.

Creating relationships with other bloggers on your subject is essential both to get visitors and to collaborate together. 

Keep in mind that the internet is very large and what you initially think is your competition, is just another blogger like you, delighted to help you and collaborate together to grow both.

Because if all this is good, it is that competition is not such and we can all grow if we help each other.

And with this, I finish with the keys to getting more website traffic. I am sure that they will help you and making good use of them will achieve your goals (I hope you will tell me about them).

What did you think of the post? Have I left any essential method to obtain quality website traffic ?

If you liked it, help me by sharing this post on social networks .

We read each other!