Keywords research is a must perform when it comes to ranking a website. Keywords play a vital role in search engine optimization.

There are some tools used to rank your website using keywords by doing on-page and off SEO.

In this post, we are discussing the two best keyword research tools for your website. Here we have shared some information about Long Tail Pro vs KWFinder Review.

Long Tail Pro vs KWfinder

Here I will compare Long Tail Pro vs KWfinder on the basis of pricing, support, features, pros, and cons.

Long Tail Pro Review: What is LongTailPro?

Long Tail Pro Vs KWFinder

LongTailPro is a simple keyword research tool to research keywords to improve your website ranking.

You can generate thousands of keywords using the LongTail Pro tool. If you are looking to do keyword research, you can choose LongTailPro to search thousands of keywords. Spencer Haws created long Tail Pro from 

Long Tail Pro is the best tool to generate long-tail keywords. You can create targeted keywords manually from thousands of suggestions provided by this tool—long-tail keywords for the most brilliant way to rank your website because most people search for long-tail keywords.

You will get higher traffic, conversion value using these long-tail keywords. This is because most users need specific information about their needs, so they search for long-tail keywords.

Due to this reason, using the day’s long-tail keywords, you will get more traffic when compared to other types of keywords. It does not give you a long tail pro trial.

Features of LongTail Pro:

  • With LongTailPro, you can search and take thousands of keywords within a second. You can set the filter rank, volume, competition, and all. This tool will give you the keywords that you selected in a spreadsheet form. 
  • Best way to perform the keyword research by focusing on Competition. You can place the competitor’s URL by setting it in a competitor’s mode. This will give you the best strategy for your website.
  • LongTail Pro affiliate Features will provide you some commission when you refer anyone. With this LongTail Pro Affiliate option, you can earn by just sending your links to your friends or anyone.
  • This tool provides keyword research tools and provides many features. You can create multiple projects for your campaigns and client’s works. 
  • You can generate several keywords, analyze and export through an Excel sheet. 
  • You can also import the keywords in LongTailPro. 
  • You can create long-tail keywords for performing the best keyword researching strategy. 
  • You can check competitions, ranking, volume, and traffic, select your favorite keywords, and export them into an Excel sheet. From these sheets, you will sort it the keywords as per the competition or traffic or volume.
  • Please select the best ones, put them into the content, rank your website, or use it for campaigns.
  • Long Tail Pro provides discounts as per their offers and Convenience. This tool will give coupons for Long Tail Pro discounts as a sale offer.

LongTailPro Pros: 

  • You can send it long-tail keywords using this tool by having an easy user interface. 
  • Keyword research in news reading sometimes takes time, but you can find the keywords in less time. 
  • When compared to other tools, it is pretty easy to use to feel better performance. 
  • It has a simple, clear user interface so that even if you are a beginner, you can access this tool. 
  • If you hold your mouse on any option, that will show a popup that summarizes that option. 
  • It has three types of combinations: the cable research model, competitive analysis model, and rank checker module. 
  • These different parts of the models and sure to give a clear cut idea about what you need. It allows you to research the best keywords and analyze those keywords which you are competitors. 
  • It provides 60 days money-back guarantee policy so you will never bother about your money. This policy ensures that you will get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with this product within 60 days. 
  • Most people have the best feeling with his 60 days money-back guarantee policy to get the risk-free feeling when they purchase this product or tool.

LongTailPro Cons: 

It is usually taken a while to get a list of related terms compared to other tools. Although it has some drawbacks, it still provides the best keywords. 

Advantages of LongTailPro: 

LongTailPro is the best advantage told, which does not require any setup. It is user-friendly as it has the best user interface for the dashboard. If you want to research the keywords smoothly, this tool will give you a solution. 

This tool will provide long-tail boot camp tutorials to learn to understand the best digital marketing strategies.

Those LongTail Pro tutorials will help you to learn about the tools as well as it will help to learn digital marketing strategies. This tool will not only provide you keywords but also provide you competitor analysis.

Disadvantages of LongTailPro: 

We can’t get a Long Tail Pro free trial when you compared to other tools. If you want to test t tool, you must have to pay for its subscription.

And you can also cancel your subscription within the period to get your money back to you. 

When you want to track your rank, you must enter your targeted keyword manually. This tool is available only to add five seed keywords.

This tool is restricted to you only 200 keywords, but it sometimes increases. This tool will give competitors analysis with Limited or basic analysis level but not an advanced competition analysis level. This will be a disadvantage for users.

LongTailPro Pricing:

LongTailPro has a starting price of $25 per month, which gives limited access to track ranks for 30 keywords.

The medium package is having $45 per month, providing up to 200 words to access. If you are not having a big company, this package will be enough for your website. This package will be charging 98 dollars per month. 

You will get 30% off of when you take the subscription for the first time. This package will give a thousand keywords per month. This company will not provide Long Tail Pro free trial like other tools.

Customer Support of LongTailPro: 

Without giving customer support, users can’t be able to understand the platforms. Customer support will play a vital role when it comes to selling any product or services.

Long tail Pro will give the best customer support and answer the customer’s queries. If any user faces troubleshooting on the platform, this tool will provide customer support by providing chat with it in real-time.

You may get the answers within a few hours of your hours because they need to be active online.

If you are not satisfied with that, you can also raise a ticket to solve your issues by sending them an email.

You will get a reply within a short period of time. This is all about Long Tail Pro Review for you to know these features for your understanding.

KWFinder Review: What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is also one of the best tools to research the keywords. This is a straightforward tool to search your keywords, and you get unique ideas, keywords for your website.

From this point, you know what KWFinder is. You can create your account within 30 seconds. You can use it as a free trial with having a free plan by giving a Limited number of keywords per day.

You can search your ideas of keywords available on the database. KWFinder is first created and developed in the year 2014 that when it is in testing time.

This tool will provide marketing strategies by giving the best keywords to your website.

How KWFinder Works?

  • There are different features available in different keyword research tools. 
  • KWFinder has long-tail keywords that give you to find new keywords within 3 minutes. 
  • You can also put your keyword listing in the option called organize keywords. This tool will give you the best keyword strategy by providing clear and unique keywords for you.
  • In this tool, we can have a possibility to filter out the keywords as per your requirements. You can filter out the rank, competition, traffic as per your convenience.
  • With this tool, we can do local see using the best local keywords provide to you. Keywords make a website goes into search results. This tool makes it easy to perform your website well.
  • You can import your keywords and analyze the cables which are used for your website; you will get thousands of keywords suggested by Google from this tool. 
  • Most of the keyboard sir competitive and difficulty and search engines to rank. You can select low competition or medium competition keywords when your website is a startup. 
  • This tool will give exact keywords, the competitive difficulty for your website to optimize the SEO.
  • Analyze the Trend keywords and explore them to select the keyboard that you need as per your requirement. 
  • You can do a SERP analysis using this tool, and performing the keyword research is a handy tool when you use SERP Metrics. This is how KWFinder works for researching the keywords.

KWFinder Pros:

  • This tool has a gorgeous interface for users. 
  • This tool will give you three different types of research keywords. 
  • You can find the source volumes and trends here. 
  • It is a quick and simple keyword research tool to check the difficulty score and understand the competition. 
  • It is affordable to anyone when compared to other keyword research tools. It helps find the best-ranking team words, making it easy to do keyword research and following the best keyword research strategy. 

KWFinder Cons: 

It will not replace some other keyword research tools like AHREF and SEMrush because it doesn’t perform competitive research well.

Advantages of KWFinder: 

It is the most powerful keyword research tool which can provide you simple user interface. And this is available ideal for beginners to find out the keywords.

Disadvantages of KWFinder:

KWFinder uses Credit System, as it is having a Limited number of requests in a given time. If you are a frequent user, you may select the best package or plan for your needs. If you or a casual user, then this is not a problem for you.

KWFinder Plans and Pricing:

KwFinder is available in different packages. If you look at the KWFinder Plans and Pricing,

The basic package gives a daily limit, which is 100 requests per day. This package will charge 25.90 dollars per month, individual bloggers.

With this based package, you can use 200 requests per day for your services for more than 2 hours a day.

Even After you completed the daily limit, you can still search the keywords, but you can’t evaluate your keywords.

After you are exhausted your daily limit with this package, you won’t be able to make keyword analysis, but you will get the suggestions.

It’s the best option than other tools because it has a specific daily limit but not a monthly limit. Other tools will give monthly limits, but if you or completed the limit within the week, you can’t able to do to access the tool.

With this tool, you can able to search with a daily limit with more affordable and advantageous. 

The premium package will be charging 34.90 per month, and it gives 500 keywords daily. E I think it is sufficient for anyone to research the keywords.

The next package is an agency package. This will cost 69.90 dollars per month, and you will get 1200 keywords per day.

Customer Support of KWFinder:

Customer service quality is an essential feature for customer satisfaction, where the users can ask questions about the products.

This tool will give the best customer support where users can learn basic to an advanced level about the features, use, payments, etc. 

This tool will provide and clear doubts when the users are having doubts regarding the tool.

In addition to this, if the user has any problem while using this Store, they can mail to the Mangools Team by clicking on the chat widget at the bottom of the dashboard, and they can ask questions about what they need.

This is all about the Review of KWFinder.

Final Verdict: 

After reading all about the Long Tail Pro vs KWFinder Review, you know that which is suitable for you.

After looking at the keyword research tools, we recommend that KWFinder is the most affordable and effective keyword tool.

When it comes to getting the data from your competitors, KWFinder is the best one that we tried personally. Right keywords will perform well when you add these keywords to your content or campaign.

KWFinder provides the best features, explode them, and use them for your website to rank. Net only KWFinder is providing the best features longTailPro also provides the best keyword researching strategies.

Choose whatever you want to buy and make your site will be in the top rank.