Being an online entrepreneur is not easy, we all know it. So today I am going to show you 11 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make.

When we get fully into the world of blogging or Internet business, a lot of questions arise.

We want to stand out above the rest but we forget that many blogs and online businesses are abandoned during the first year for making certain mistakes; and many others do not achieve the objectives they expected.

It is inevitable to make some mistakes, we all make them.

But apart from learning from our own mistakes, why not learn from the mistakes made by others?

Analyzing what are the most common mistakes that other bloggers and entrepreneurs have made online will help you avoid them to advance with a firm step and stand out from others.

If you are really serious about your project, whether in blog format, online store or with a corporate website.

Take a good look at these 11 mistakes that you should avoid if you are an online entrepreneur so that you do not have to abandon your website or blog as happened with other websites on the huge network that is the internet.

11 common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

1. Choose a too broad niche

When choosing your business idea,  you should bear in mind that creating a website around a too broad niche is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

If you are thinking of creating a blog, this also applies to the niche you choose for your blog.

Too general a niche will bring you more visits but of lower quality. In other words, it will be more difficult to get customers or sell a specific product when the topic is too open.

You may think that the more customers you can cover, the more sales you will have, but this is not the case as you will encounter a series of problems:

Standing out from your competition will be an almost impossible mission

Choosing a broad niche will carry a lot of competition. In addition to this, the competition will be more specialized and will take away customers.

For example, imagine that you create an online clothing sales business. 

Just by doing a Google search, you will realize that there are hundreds of pages that are already dedicated to it and that have their clients and are quite well known.

Apart from that, you will find specialized clothing websites (baby clothes, teenage clothes, etc.). 

All potential customers will always go first to search specialized pages on what they are looking for.

If you are looking for sportswear to run a marathon, would you look at any store or focus on sports stores?

Difficulty to grow and make yourself known

Since there will be hundreds of websites in your niche, and above all more specialized, growing in traffic and sales will be very difficult.  

And probably very expensive since you will have to carry out marketing campaigns and publish ads in Google or Facebook Ads.

Be careful, I am not saying that it is a bad idea to carry out an advertising campaign, but due to the high competition you would have, you would leave enough money in these campaigns to obtain good results.

Reduced profitability

In addition to what was previously seen, if you look at sales, the products must have minimum prices due to a large amount of supply. 

If you want to be bought you will have no choice but to lower the prices

In addition, one of the advantages of being more specialized is that the sale price may be somewhat higher as it is more specific.

However, choosing a microniche that is too small can also pose a problem: in this case it would be low demand and finding some type of already established competition that would take away all the few clients there are.

The key to choosing a correct niche (neither too large nor too small) is to analyze the demand and competition from existing businesses.

2. Do not believe in your business or your possibilities as an online entrepreneur

In short, do not believe in yourself .

When you start a business it is vital that you have confidence in yourself and that you believe in the business . 

That is, you must believe that the opportunity is real and that you can get it.

If you lack confidence, if you have doubts or you do not have that certainty that you will be able to achieve it, you will not get fully into the business . 

You will not do everything necessary for the business to continue. And when obstacles arise, it is quite likely that you will get frustrated and end up throwing in the towel thinking: “This business is not worth it” or “I am not able to do it.”

On the other hand, if you believe in yourself, even when problems arise, you will keep going

You will continue to carry out the necessary actions so that your online business continues and is successful.

If you want to be successful, it is vital that you have confidence both in the business you start and in your opportunities to do so.

3. Thinking only for short term

Thinking only in the short term and not in the long term is a mistake that many online entrepreneurs make.

When you create an online business you have to have a long-term vision (3 years, 6 years and even beyond).

There are two reasons why you should think much more in the long term:

  1. It will help you to be more strategic with the actions you carry out in the present. These decisions will help you materialize your long-term goals. They will allow you to grow much more with a better business.
  2. It will force you not to leave your online business prematurely. The first stage of starting an online business is going to be tough. Usually, you will lose money or earn very little.

If you fall apart thinking that all the effort and money invested does not compensate you, it is because you are thinking in the short term.

Achieving results with an online business takes time . Be patient and focus on a longer-term vision.

If you think about the long term you will not throw in the towel. You know the potential of the business you start. 

So you will realize that it is a matter of time to receive everything you are investing now but multiplied.

4. Having unrealistic expectations

This is probably the most common mistake made when undertaking online .

Starting an online business looking at the results of other people or companies that take many years, and hoping to achieve the same in a short time is a very serious mistake. 

Unfortunately, very common.

The reality is that in most cases the bar has been set too high. Those expectations in the short term are too ambitious.

Seeing that their results are far from the expectations set, they get discouraged and throw in the towel.

Expectations should go according to your experience, training and results obtained in the past

And do not think about reaching the top in a short time because others have done it.

Of course, in the long term it is good to have ambitious expectations. This will inspire and motivate you to keep going.

5. Believe that the product will be sold alone

Whether with an online store or with a blog, course, or infoproduct,  you must have a good marketing strategy  to make it known.

This mistake is very common since we know that making the product itself and putting it on sale is already very expensive both in time and money and training. 

But no matter how good it is, you won’t be able to sell it if people don’t know it exists.

It is not difficult to find cases that have made this mistake; for example, writers who write their first book with hardly any sales.

Save some money to spend on a good marketing campaign. I advise you to use Facebook Ads campaigns since they are giving very good results.

6. Quantity vs. quality

In the sixth place of the errors that you should avoid if you are an online entrepreneur I have put a point that seems quite obvious, but it is not.

You would be surprised to see the number of businesses (of all kinds) that only  care about sales but do not take into account the satisfaction of their customers.

In the blogging world, it even looks a lot more shameless and we usually see at first glance those blogs that only think about sales.

I give you another different example:

You are now, freelance painter. You set up your blog to sell your works of art while teaching how to paint some great pictures.

Well, you painted your first 20 paintings and although at first, it cost, you manage to sell them all for an average of $50 a painting (the first cheaper ones because you don’t get almost clients, and the last ones more expensive).

Seeing that you have sold them, you continue to paint as many as possible to sell little by little and earn a normal salary at the end of the month.

Not bad, but you would be doing a lot of pictures to earn a normal salary.

What if instead of doing that, you make fewer frames with a much higher quality?

That you can sell them at higher prices and the reputation of your personal brand will increase. This way you will lose less time producing.

This example is just an idea, but of course it can be extrapolated to any product or service: courses, books, audits …

It is better to make a good product that meets the needs of the consumer and this leaves satisfied, to have more products at a lower price and with lower quality.

Quality pays.

7. Do not retain customers, readers or subscribers

Quality and trust are the most important factors to generate a list of loyal customers or readers of your products and articles.

For this it is important to see customers and readers for what they are: people.

You must commit to offering trust and excellent quality that allows you to have recurring traffic on your website.

And how is this done?

Look at what problems they have and what your target audience needs.

It will help you make products suitable for them with which you will gain lasting confidence.

In the case of blogs, having a good and long list of subscribers will create a faithful community around your blog that will visit your articles consistently over time. 

Furthermore, this will generate enough trust to obtain some clients through the blog.

If you fail to retain customers, they will hardly visit your website again .

A sign that your subscriber list is not increasing, or that you are not getting your customers to repeat with a product or service is usually that the quality is not good, that you do not generate enough confidence or that you are targeting the wrong target audience.

8. Find free services and consultants instead of hiring them

Another of the most common mistakes. On the internet, it is very common to see people who start an online business and who think that they will discover everything on their own.

I’m not saying they can’t do it, but how many years will it cost them?

How many years would they have saved if they had that training and that necessary guide paying a professional?

A beginner’s mistake is to always try to find something for free or do it all yourself. 

So don’t waste time trying to do everything on your own for two reasons:

  1. It will prevent you from spending that time on what you really already know how to do.
  2. The result is usually worse than if you hire a professional.

As I said before, quality pays .

When starting with a blog or an online business, the first thing to look for is where to buy a very cheap domain or free hosting.

And, of course: ERROR!

It is free or gives problems in the long run, or it will prevent you from growing at the necessary rate due to not having all the necessary services.

Without going any further, surely you have ever searched ” how much does it cost to have a website ” or “ how to make a blog for free “.

Of course it can be done for free. 

But you cannot deny that there are very notable differences between a totally free blog and another with expenses. Among them professionalism.

Another advantage of hiring a paid service and for me the most important is, time, as I said before.

In the case of creating websites and blogs, if you have no idea and want to do it all yourself, it will take you a few months to catch up.

But if you hire a web designer to create it to your liking, in less than a week you will have everything you need.

It will save you time that is very valuable to advance in the world of the internet.

Fortunately, the internet has free information on almost anything, however, it is difficult to distinguish grain from the chaff a lot.

For this reason, investing in a service or training is very, very important.

And I say invest because that is what it is, you invest in some services to win in time, which is essential.

9. Do not study or underestimate the competition

Not studying the competition or thinking yourself superior to it can only hurt you.

Analyzing it  will allow you to get new ideas to implement in your business  and even attract new customers.

If you want to stand out from your competition you will have to pay attention to what points you can improve to distinguish yourself and attract more visitors.

Do a search for the items you sell or the services you provide and locate those competitors who do well in your market.

Then ask yourself the following key questions to improve:

  • What is the quality of what they offer?
  • What are your purchasing policies?
  • How fast do you ship?
  • What comments or testimonials are there about them?
  • What extras or hooks do you offer to attract customers?

These questions are just an example, but from this list you will be able to see what their weak points are in order to offer a better service at those points.

10. Not having certain objectives

It is clear that the goal of every digital entrepreneur is to earn money with a blog or with your online business, or even live on a blog.

But it is not enough to plan to achieve this, you will have to set yourself clearer objectives periodically in order to gradually overcome them.

Do not leave these objectives in the sea of ​​ideas that is your head.

Follow these steps to gradually overcome them a few:  write them down, set a deadline, find a way to meet them and work for it.

11. Forget about Social Networks

Today, social networks are the main source of visits and future clients .

That is a fact and much more in online business; where all your sales will take place thanks to your presence on the internet.

So you can’t forget this potential source of customers.

Create a profile with your brand or personal business on the most important social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and even Instagram.

Learn how to use them properly and automatically publish content. And of course, keep them updated and don’t leave them out.

Any self-respecting profile must be constant in its publications, respond to followers and even offer an offer through them.

We are in the era of social networks and, rather than being very useful, it is practically mandatory to use them to make the jump to the next level with your online business.


These 11 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and people who see self-employment as an opportunity to earn a living. 

But of course, there are many more details that we could include.

Can you think of any fundamental errors that should be on this list? 

What mistakes when starting a blog or online business have you made?

Leave your answer in a comment, I would love to know what you think.